Robotics and Security

The Faculty of IT at UCP has augmented its Centre for Robotics & Security to focus on solving real-life challenges and enable students hone their skills with hands-on experience. The centre will play a pivotal role in bringing innovation and keeping students abreast with the international developments in this field. Through this centre, students are able to experiment with land-based and flying robots. The designing, modeling and controlling methods students learn at the centre for robotics and security equip them with the skill set to enter the industry with confidence. With state of the art equipment and highly qualified academics, the centre facilitates cutting edge research.

The Centre allows students to begin with the basics of robotics and build simple machines that can follow line paths and then move on to advanced techniques that can be used to develop smart robots that can find their way through a complex maze. Even advanced robots that can play football or do surveillance have been created at this centre. The Centre for Robotics & Security now aims to develop smarter robots with fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence. Such robots would be able to learn and solve complex problems.

Recently, the centre has taken steps to use autonomous robots and remotely operated machines to address a wide variety of security challenges. One of the initiatives launched by this centre is to provide a comprehensive security solution to educational institutions. The centre is also running projects to automate agriculture, which is the backbone of the country. These projects are run under a grant received from Europe. Members of the centre visit European countries and invite European researchers every year to collaborate on this front.