The Faculty of IT at UCP has launched Pakistan’s first game design centre to facilitate individuals who want to specialize in game design. This first of its kind game design centre in Asia will pave way for the growing computer and IT industry of Pakistan to enter the international game design industry. It will also encourage collaboration between the video game industry, academia and individuals. In addition to introducing game design programs at multiple levels of education, the centre will conduct research and support entrepreneurs to promote the local video game industry. It will support individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs by providing them with various resources and mentorship. The Game Design Centre will even assist entrepreneurs in developing and marketing their products.

Students from all disciplines would have the option to join hands with the Centre for Game design to work on their assignments and projects. Undergraduate students specializing in various fields such as Social Sciences, Media & Mass Communication, Computer Science, IT and marketing would have the option to do their final year project in game design. It would enable them to establish careers in the video game industry locally and internationally. Individuals with an MS degree in game design would have better opportunities to pursue advanced studies in game design. Postgraduate students would also have the option to keep the focus of their thesis on game design. The centre will conduct paid workshops and diplomas inside as well as outside of UCP.

The primary focus of this centre would be on developing educational games and learning applications. These learning solutions would be produced for all sorts of educational institutions as well as the government and private companies.