By leveraging technology, we can transform the educational landscape of Pakistan and make education more effective, accessible and affordable for all students. With this vision, the Faculty of IT at UCP has launched a Centre for educational technologies. The aim of this center is to conduct research and develop cutting edge learning solutions. Many of these solutions would be produced in collaboration with the Centre for Games and Center for Robotics & Security.

Immersive educational games and learning applications employ storytelling, cognitive/educational psychology, and interactive multimedia to facilitate the process of learning with fun. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach shall be adopted to develop these solutions. Another objective for developing these educational technologies is to nurture the students’ interest in learning by triggering intrinsic motivations to reach excellence in their field of study. A major advantage of using such solutions is that students can use them within the classroom (blended mode) as well as outside classroom. Many hurdles faced by students in conventional learning environments can be overcome though educational technologies. The educational tool developed at the Centre aims to facilitate students at all levels of learning. Special attention will be given to developing affordable educational tools and applications using m-learning concepts for students who reside in remote areas and are deprived of education or quality education.

In addition to serious games, gamification, digitizing the curriculum and enabling students to learn concepts in an interactive and exciting way, these educational tools and learning applications will help us in solving real-life problems such as managing finances at home and understanding scientific concepts. The government can also benefit from learning applications that raise awareness about policies among citizens. For example, a game that focuses on driving could inform citizens about traffic rules. The Centre will also develop technologies to assist teachers in grading, teaching and getting feedback from their students. Collaborative research with universities inside Pakistan as well as abroad will be conducted to generate optimum solutions not only to keep abreast with the latest work but to contribute knowledge worldwide